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Smith & Fong’s Plyboo®  Line of Bamboo Products

Alterna is proud to be the architectural representative and master distributor for Smith and Fong’s Plyboo® bamboo and Durapalm® coconut and sugar palm building materials in the Southeast United States and Latin America. Since 1989, Smith & Fong has been the most trusted name in bamboo and palm building products, which include flooring, architectural plywood, veneers and wall paneling. Smith & Fong’s products provide endless possibilities for architects and interior designers, whether the focus is on green building or cutting-edge design.

Smith & Fong was the first manufacturer to introduce premium bamboo flooring to the United States in 1993. Starting with standard bamboo flooring, such as flat and edge grain in natural or amber tones, the Plyboo flooring line now offers over 50 different options, including for high traffic commercial installations and residential projects. To complement Plyboo’s bamboo flooring collection, Smith & Fong introduced a complete line of architectural plywood made from 100% solid bamboo. Plyboo bamboo plywood can be used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from cabinetry for the kitchen and bathroom, wall paneling systems, furniture and much more.

Bamboo is widely considered to be one of the most sustainable building materials on the planet because of its rapidly renewable properties. Certain species of bamboo, which is actually a grass, can grow as much as one inch in an hour. Despite being a grass, bamboo performs like many popular hardwood species like oak or cherry, which can take decades to mature and replenish. The sustainability story does not end here for Plyboo’s bamboo building materials, however. In 2008, Smith & Fong became the first manufacturer in the world to obtain FSC® certification for its bamboo flooring and plywood products. FSC certification, which is independently verified, ensures that wood products originate from responsibly managed forests. Additionally, a bamboo forest can...

sequester 70% more carbon than a comparable hardwood forest, thereby helping to offset carbon dioxide emissions, which contribute to climate change.

On a different note, Smith & Fong has long recognized the importance of indoor air quality and has been an industry leader in eliminating urea-formaldehyde adhesives from its flooring and plywood products. Urea-formaldehyde adhesives break down over time and emit, or off-gas, formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, which pollutes indoor air and adversely affects human health. In 2007, Smith & Fong developed the first urea-formaldehyde free process for manufacturing its Plyboo bamboo flooring and plywood. Two years later, in 2009, Smith & Fong further refined this process and became the first manufacturer of bamboo flooring and plywood to use SoyBond, a natural, soy-based adhesive, which does not emit harmful chemicals like formaldehyde.

"What's Inside the Bamboo Plywood?

2014 and Plyboo launches Reveal, Sound and Linear Line Collections to showcase the inner core of their bamboo plywood.

By carving, an interplay between the face layer and revealed inner core creates a stunning visual effect. Plyboo's proprietary RealCore™ technology insures the revealed cores are consistent and that layers of bamboo material in bi-directional construction allow for stability. This artistic collection is available in 8 different patterns and color options.

Made entirely of carved Plyboo bamboo panels, the vertically fluted face layer reveals a uniquely graphic inner core. These intersecting surfaces harmoniously suggests the natural, tactile quality of a woven textile that is both curious and compelling.

The Linear Line collection is suitable for any interior feature, and is available in 6 architecturally inspired styles each utilizing RealCore™ Technology in varied compositions.

The PlybooSound panel brings together the elegance of our bamboo architectural designs with proprietary sound dampening QuietWall™ technology to help reduce ambient noise. Great for hospitality, public venues and large open work spaces. Again, Plyboo's proprietary RealCore™ technology insures that exposed cores are consistent and our bi-directional construction allows for maximum stability. Quiet never looked better! Available in 7 different patterns and colors.

For over two decades, Plyboo products have been steadily growing in popularity worldwide as architects, designers and owners discover the beauty and versatility of bamboo, not to mention the compelling environmental attributes of this unique building material. Whether you are looking for something traditional or contemporary, tropical or Asian-inspired, Plyboo bamboo products will add both sophistication and sustainability to any project.

Finally, Plyboo products will help earn a range of LEED credits in the Materials & Resources and Indoor Environmental Quality categories.

Learn more about Smith & Fong's Plyboo line of bamboo products.

For more information, pricing or samples, please contact a Smith & Fong product specialist at Alterna.

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