Alterna is proud to feature two Continuing Education Units (CEUs) that are sponsored by Smith & Fong Plyboo and Richlite. Bamboo Flooring + Plywood in a Sustainable Design Environment provides a comprehensive introduction to bamboo as a proven and sustainable building product. The other learning objectives include:
• Discuss growing, harvesting and manufacturing with bamboo.
• Explain the process that contributes to a quality bamboo product.
• Explain how bamboo from different manufacturers may contribute to a variety of
LEEDTM credits in a certified building.
• Write CSI standard specifications to insure the quality and sustainability of bamboo used in the project.

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Alternatively, Understanding Manufacturing, Applications and Benefits of Paper Composite Surfaces will walk you through the manufacturing process of paper composite surfaces and identify differences in different types of manufacturing systems. The other learning objectives include:
• Discuss the key elements in the manufacturing process of high-quality paper composite panels.
• Identify the appropriate applications of paper composite panels and explain their benefits over alternative materials.
• Display an understanding of how paper composite panels can contribute to LEED objectives.
• Write CSI standard specifications that ensure the quality and sustainability of paper composite panels in their projects.

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